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Learning AV Foundation Book in Development

by Bob McCune on November 8, 2013

I mentioned earlier in the the year that a major focus of mine has been to help better educate people about AV Foundation. I’m happy to announce I’m working on a new book called Learning AV Foundation that will provide a comprehensive guide to mastering the framework. The book provides a hands-on guide to working […]

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Media Editing with AV Foundation

by Bob McCune on March 25, 2013

This past weekend I spoke at the CocoaConf event in DC. This was my first time attending CocoaConf so didn’t know what to expect, but I was very impressed by the format and quality of the conference and thought the organizers did an excellent job. I’m speaking again in San Jose next month and will […]

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Drawing with Quartz on iOS

by Bob McCune on February 27, 2012

A couple of weeks ago I gave a presentation entitled “Drawing with Quartz on iOS” to the Minnesota CocoaHeads group. We had a big crowd that night and I hope you all enjoyed it. The slide deck is available on SlideShare and the QuartzDemos project is available on Github. Quartz is an essential API for […]

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Automagic Factories in Objective-C

by Bob McCune on April 8, 2011

The Factory pattern is a frequently used creational pattern to help abstract the creation of an object from its clients. Although there are a few specializations of this pattern I’ll focus on the most commonly used approach and then look at how we can leverage the Objective-C Runtime to make this solution more robust. Let’s […]

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Core Animation Presentation

by Bob McCune on March 13, 2011

This past week I gave a presentation on Core Animation to the Minnesota CocoaHeads user group. Core Animation is a truly amazing framework and is really the magic ingredient in the iOS user experience. Understanding how to effectively use it can allow you to add new levels of realism and interactivity to your apps. As […]

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iOS 101: Pattern Images

by Bob McCune on March 8, 2011

A common need in an iOS app is to tile a background image on a UIView. It’s trivial to implement, but not particularly obvious if you’re new to the platform. The solution is to set the view’s backgroundColor property to a UIColor instance created from your pattern image. For instance, the following code will create […]

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